Butterfly Girls

Some girls not available for normal massage

Yuka : 26 year

33-24-35 H:155 cm.
She’s a fun and playful masseuse who is also very friendly and sweet.

Neko : 26 year

33-24-35 H:156 cm.
Neko is a beautiful masseuse who’s massage skills are truly second to none. With the highest quality of professionalism you could have ever wanted and deserve.

Jang : 28 year.

33-25-35 H:157 cm.
Gee has the perfect body and very charming for a man’s desire. She’s professional massage. If you are feeling stressed and tired after work. Dont wait please contact.

Em : 35 year.

35-26-36 H:160 cm.
She’s one of most experiences with a wide range of styles from normal to sensual and erotic. Warm hands and caring personality. Offer an excellent relaxing massage You will truly enjoy.

Lemon : 29 year.

35-29-37 H: 164 cm.
She a charming and friendly personality. With a truly wonderful massage experiences.You will feel indulged with her massage and services.

Maria : 30 year.

37-26-38 H : 175 cm.
Maria’s possesses an amazing,nature beauty and discreet. With amazing busty will make you amazing full body massage. She’s one of the best masseuses in Bangkok.