Prostate Massgae ( Male G- Sport Massage )

Improve your health and Enjoy your sexual life.

Prostate massage is one of genital massage. the massage stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation help to reach deep orgasm. also medical purposes. Prostate massage are intensely pleasurable experiences and a truly erotic.

The prostate is a very important gland based between the anal canal and the whole sexual cycle is all part of this important gland, it is vital for many reasons for sexual hormones, sex drive. Prostate massage is a really special type of massage includes the stimulation of the male prostate gland, is the perfect blend of external and internal the perineum stimulation that serves to revive your sexual energy. by elongating the length and enriching the experience of your orgasms. Massaging the prostate not only helps you achieve new higher levels of climax.

In case prostate massage we also including lingam massage and testicle massage. but focus on your prostate stimulated with fingers using protective glove,or with out using slow movements to start with and improving the circulation just like most organs need gentle stimulation and activity, to activate and re energise any stagnant energy.

  • With aroma oil = 2,500 Bath for 2 Hours.
  • With nuru gel = 2,800 Bath = 2 Hours.
  • With hot aroma oil or Hot stone or Hot thai herbal = 3,500 Bath for 2 Hours.

Enjoy the pleasure of being touched by one of our prostate massage from Butterfly. Extremely pleasurable & healing for men’s. Checking your times and choose your choice.